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Nigerian Real Estate Partners

Globally, it is a known fact that Investment in real estate is by all intents and purposes the most reliable, it is seldom affected by factors which influence other markets like the stocks and commodity markets

This has occasioned a keen interest by investors in Nigeria to put their funds into the sector, with most relying on the advice of real estate professionals (real and self-acclaimed), consultants, friends, and family to execute. Unfortunately, it is not always a smooth sail as evidence and research have proven that millions of people in the country and in the diaspora are losing billions of naira in real estate deal gone wrong due to bad advice and unabashed fraud.

In a related development, Land and property owners who successfully scale the huddle of acquisition are persistently being unable to meet their basic financial and investment goals, A significant number also come to own properties but have no laid-out strategy from the onset hence good returns on investment seems always unattainable and elusive.

NREP is an aggregation of professionals in the real estate industry. We have identified all loopholes cutting across the value-chain of the industry through which investors lose money or fall into bad deals and we have developed pro-active and reactive mitigating strategies that can be tailored to your peculiar needs.

With us, you are in safe hands and can be assured that your objectives would be met and surpassed.

Real Estate Consultancy

We provide top-notch consulting in construction, property acquisition, vendor sourcing, architectural services, and infrastructure.

Turnkey Project Delivery (Management)

We take your projects from Initiation all the through to completion ensuring that cost, procurement, and stakeholders are adequately managed for a timely delivery.

Events and Education

We are poised to provide requisite skills to professionals within the industry to keep them up-to-date for premium service delivery.



With us, you get all services as you require within the real estate industry from artisans to executive professionals



All our partners have been carefully selected based on pedigree and have gone through rigorous verification processes



With us, you are in safe hands and can be assured that your objectives would be met and surpassed.

About the Initiator of NREP
Mr. Ory Martins

ORY-MARTINS is An MBA holder with over 12 years of management and property consulting experience.

Team lead Boing Luxury Estate. Principal consultant, Inicreat PMA Ltd, a faculty member of Nigerian Institute of Management, Faculty member, Institute of Charterer Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), Alumni of JCI University, USA.

He is the Initiator of The Real Estate Show on Radio.

He is also the host/anchor of REAL ESTATE on RADIO a program that has been airing for over 5 years now. He has been christened Nigeria’s NO 1 property strategist.