Dreams are not realized in safe zones

Dreams do not dwell in safe zones

and this necessitates the question, ‘How safe is it to play safe ?” as far as dreams in career and business is c0ncerned,

Author, Tom Corley once carried out a study on 177 self-made millionaires and he discovered something:

“142 of them spent much of their adult life pursuing one dream”

Anyone who has ever pursued a dream understands that doing so requires that you take significant risks with your time and money; since there is no guarantee that you will realize your dream.

The root word for businessman and entrepreneur is the same word for a man of faith in the bible.

With no verifiable information that he will be successful selling his wares, the businessman nonetheless purchases his goods with all he has.

He then delights in selling out his entire goods/ inventory, even vital commodities like food and clothing in exchange for little printed paper called currency or for an electronic message on phone called “alert”

Instead of despair, at how he will now feed and clothe his family, he has complete faith that whatever he wishes, there will be someone who will gladly sell him food or anything the printed paper will not fail him.

Without faith in the value of the promise, the promise itself is useless.

Were he to trade on the bases of doubt and suspicion, he would contract no business at all. It’s chiefly his faith that makes possible his profits.

Playing it safe in life not only opposes your dreams, but it also results in long-term unhappiness. If your ultimate goal in life is long-term happiness, pursue something you are passionate about. Take risk with your time and money, calculated risk though.

We are not configured to always play it safe.

We are here to push ourselves to realize our potential.

We can only realize that true potential by taking risks and pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones. The discomfort inherent in taking a risk by pursuing some dreams forces us to grow our knowledge, expertise, skills and relationships.

The true reward in pursuing a dream and realizing success is not money, it is happiness

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